Edah’s Fourth Biennial International Conference


                        THE CHALLENGES. THE OPPORTUNITIES.


                               Diversity, Change, Meaning, Justice


                                    Sunday, February 20, 2005



9:00 –  9:50 AM       TEXT STUDY:


Room 433      Isaac Encounters Ishmael: A Jewish Perspective on Islam

                                    Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller


Room 425      "The Gates of Weeping are Not Closed": Berachot 5b

                                    Dr. Gerald Cromer


Room 423      Brother or Other: Orthodox Attitudes Towards Non-Observant  Jews

Dr. Adam Ferziger


Room 428      Benefiting From Comparative Study of Religious Ritual: T’vilah and Baptism

Marcie Lenk


Room 424      Re-reading Esav in the Talmud: Religious Dialogue with the Non-Jewish World

Rabbi Francis Nataf


Room 533      Independent-Minded Students: Talmudic Models for the Seder Night

Ilana Fodiman Silverman


Room 525      The Role and Power of Kavannah and Lishmah in Talmudic Texts

Rabbi Jay Miller


Room 523      Constructing a Halachic Ethos: Obligation vs Right in Perek Elu Metziot

                                    Rabbi David Bigman


Room 528      Coping with Challenges: A Response to Human Suffering

                                    Rabbi Avi Weiss




10:00 – 11:15 AM    Plenary # 1 – Lowenstein Auditorium


Who are We? Where Are We? Where Are We Headed?

            Dr. Sam Heilman

            Dr. Jacob Ukeles

            Rabbi Saul J. Berman




11:30 – 12:45 PM    SESSION I:

            (11:30 – 12:45 PM Lunch #1 in Dining Room or Session Rooms)


Room 433      Madonna and Kabbalah: What Can We Learn From the Headlines?

                                    Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill


Room 425      Confronting Intermarriage in Communities and Families

                                    Dr. Sylvia Barack Fishman

                                    Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld


Room 623      Has the Mix of Religion and Politics Corrupted the Vision of Religious Zionism?

                                    Rabbi Dr. Daniel Tropper

                                    Moshe Tur-Paz


Room 428      Military Ethics in Fighting Terror

                                    Dr. Asa Kasher


Room 424      Seeing the Spiritual in Material Objects

                                    Tobi Kahn

                                    Mierle Ukeles


Room 624      The Perception of Antagonism: Media Coverage of the Orthodox Community

                                    Gary Rosenblatt

                                    Ami Eden


Room 533      Working and Learning with Priests and Imams

                                    Rabbi Dr. B. Barry Levy

                                    Rabbi Dr. Michael Chernick


Room 525      Changing Gender Roles in Society and Their Impact on the Modern Orthodox Family

                                    Dr. Gila Leiter

                                    Naomi Mark


Room 523      Modern Orthodox Political Values and our Prayers for the Government

                                    Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

                                    Rabbi Aryeh Spero


Room 527      Shifts in the Modern Orthodox/Charedi Divide

                                    Rabbi Francis Nataf

                                    Dr. Steve Bayme


Room 427      Women in Community Leadership Roles

                                    Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Frimer


Room 528      Are Day Schools Preparing Our Children for the Real World?

                                    Rabbi Charles Sheer

                                    Rabbi Jeffrey Kobrin


Room 524      Toward a Halachic Theory of Truth Telling in Speech and Sexuality

                                    Rabbi Dr. Yitz Greenberg


Room 633      The Ethics of Prioritizing Rescue: Jewish Leadership During the Holocaust

                                    Dr. Efraim Zuroff


Room 625      Of Wigs and Restaurants: Re-Encountering Avoda Zara in the 21st Century

                                    Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Woolf


Room 423      Modern Orthodoxy – The 4th Century Version

Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Elman


Room 628      Rabbinic Authority vs. Personal Autonomy: Asking A She’elah vs Deciding for  Yourself

                                    Rabbi Dov Linzer

                                    Rabbi Robert Klapper




1:00 – 2:15 PM        SESSION II

            (1:00 – 2:15  Lunch #2 in Dining Room or Session Rooms)


Room 433      Modern Biblical Scholarship and Orthodoxy

                                    Rabbi Menachem Leibtag

                                    Eric Grossman


Room 427      Creating Bridges Across the Jewish Divide

                                    Rabbi David Kalb


Room 425      A New Orthodox Rabbinate: Theory and Practice

                                    Dr. Adam Ferziger

                                    Rabbi Dov Linzer


Room 423      Honoring Parents: Kaddish and Memory

                                    Sam Freedman

                                    Ari Goldman


Room 428      Can Israel be Both Democratic and Jewish?

                                    Dr. Daniel Statman

                                    Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey Woolf


Room 424      The “Other” As Amalek in Orthodox Life

                                    Dr. Gerald Cromer

                                    Dr. Steven Bayme


Room 533      Pre-Nuptial Agreements as Solution to the Agunah Problem in the US and Israel

                                    Rabbi Michael Broyde

                                    Rachel Levmore


Room 525      Religious Dimensions of the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict

                                    Dr. Shmuel Sandler

                                    Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin


Room 523      Halacha and Emotions in Organ Donation

                                    Nechama Glogower

                                    Blu Greenberg

                                    Robert Berman


Room 528      Whither Who Goest? Modern Orthodoxy and Conversion

                                    Dr. Sylvia Barack Fishman

                                    Rabbi Yair Silverman


Room 524      The Price of Science Without Moral Constraints: German & US Medicine Before DNA & Now

                                    Dr. Robert Pollack


Room 633      "Silly but Dangerous": The Slippery Slope of Rabbinic Responses/Responsa to Feminism

                                    Dr. Tova Hartman


Room 625      Rav Soloveitchik and Non-Orthodox Denominations

                                    Rabbi Seth Farber


Room 627      Orthodox Shuls Serving the non-Orthodox: Should They, Can They?

                                    Rabbi Barry Gelman

                                    Fran Lunzer Kritz


Room 623      The Use and Abuse of the Holocaust in North American and Israeli Culture

                                    Dr. Efraim Zuroff

                                    Dr. Gilbert Kahn


Room 527      Accent Wars in Synagogues and Schools: Linguistic and Halachic Aspects of Pronouncing Loshon Kodesh

                                    Dr. Lewis Glinert


Room 628      From Prayer to Avodah: To Improve Tefillah in Modern Orthodox Synagogues

                                    Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot

                                    Ilana Fodiman Silverman


Room 624      Kevod HaBeriyot as A Factor In Halachic Decision Making

                                    Rabbi Ezra Labaton: In the Writings of Hacham Ovadia Yosef

                                    Rabbi Dr. Daniel Sperber: With Regard to Women




2:30 – 3:45 PM        SESSION III


Room 433      The Performance of Mitzvot in a World Emptied of Religious Meaning

                                    Rabbi Dr. Tsvi Blanchard

                                    Dr. Daniel Statman


Room 425      Does Israeli Orthodoxy Share in Democratic Values?

                                    Dr. Shmuel Sandler

                                    Dr. Amnon Shapira


Room 423      The Modern Orthodox in Haredi Garb: Are We All Headed to the Same Intellectual Haberdasher?

                                    Rabbi Dr. B Barry Levy

                                    Rabbi Dr. Alan Brill


Room 428      Conversion as a Personal and as a National Issue

                                    Rabbi Dr. Seth Farber

                                    Rabbi Robert Klapper


Lowenstein    Addressing Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Community

                                    Rabbi Mark Dratch

                                    Dr. Brian Leggiere


Room 424      Orthodox Responses to the Rise of Reform: What Can we Learn?

                                    Dr. Jay Berkovitz

                                    Rabbi Adam Mintz


Room 533      Torah and Economic Justice: Revitalizing a Lost Connection

                                    Rabbi Micha Odenheimer

                                    Dr. Moses Pava


Room 525      Substance Abuse in Yeshiva High Schools

                                    Rabbi Jack Beiler

                                    Rabbi Scot Berman


Room 523      Our Obligations To Ourselves and the World

                                    Linda Levi Tarlow

                                    Dr. Rick Hodes


Room 528      Leaders for Klal Yisrael in a Post Denominational Era

                                    Rabbi Dr. Naftali Rothenberg

                                    Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot


Room 524      Judaism, Idolatry  and our Gentile Neighbors

                                    Dr. Asa Kasher

                                    Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn


Room 633      When Our Children Choose A Different Path: A Workshop

                                    Chana Sperber


Room 427      Is Government Funding for Day Schools a Boon or a Threat to Jewish Survival?

                                    Cooki Levy

                                    Yossi Prager


Room 625      Understanding “Honor”: Kevod Ha Tzibbur and Kevod HaBeriyot Revisited

                                    Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Frimer


Room 623      Halachic Challenges for Orthodox Lawyers

                                    Rabbi Michael Broyde

                                    Rabbi Stephen Friedman


Room 527      A New Look at Yirat Shamayim

                                    Dr. Jacob Joshua Ross


Room 628      The Legal Thought of Rabbi Hershel Schachter

                                    Rabbi Alan J. Yuter


Room 624      Tolerance & Unity: The Challenge of Tribalism

Rabbi Binny Freedman



4:00 – 5:00 PM        SESSION  IV                        TEXTS AND TOPICS


 Room 433     “Tikkun Olam” – A Biblical Theme or A Mitzvah?   

                                    Rabbi Menachem Leibtag


Room 425      The Biblical Tendency to Limit and Mitigate War

                                    Dr. Amnon Shapira (Note: This session will be in Hebrew)


Room 427      God Post-9/11: Theology, Politics and the New World Order

                                    Rabbi Eliyahu Stern


Room 423      What Happened to Modern Orthodoxy When it went to the Army?

                                    Moshe Tur-Paz


Room 428      Law of Love: The Ethical and Moral Basis of Halacha

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Sperber


Room 424      Rejection or Reconstruction: Reb Nachman and the Haskala

                                    Rabbi David Bigman


Room 533      Can Peace be Made Without Religious Leaders?

                                    Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin


Room 525      Maoist Rebels and Ethiopian tribes: A Jewish Journey to the Heart of Globalization

                                    Rabbi Micha Odenheimer


Room 523      Jewish Attitudes to Divorce: A Thoughtful Interpretation of the Sources

                                    Rachel Levmore


Room 528      Holiness Even in Heresy: The “Other” in the Thought of Rav Kook

                                    Rabbi Bob Carroll


Room 524      The Limits of Halachic Diversity in Issues of Personal Status

                                    Rabbi Rod Glogower


Room 633      Amalek-Absolute or Relative Evil: "The Descendants of Haman Studied Torah
in Bnei Brak" (Sanhedrin 96b)

                                    Rabbi Yair Silverman


Room 625      The Use and Misuse of Midrashic Sources in Halacha and Hashkafa

                                    Rabbi Charles Sheer


Room 623      The Authority of Gedolim: Preliminary Examination of R. Soloveitchik and
His Circle

                                    Rabbi Shalom Carmy


Room 628      Women, Keriah and Aliyot to the Torah

                                    Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Bezalel HaLivni


Room 624      The Crisis of Halachic Authority

                                    Rabbi Dr. Daniel Tropper


Room 527      Case Studies in Ethical Dilemmas of Jewish Students

                                    Dr. Moses Pava




5:15 – 5:30 PM        Mincha – Lowenstein Auditorium


5:35 – 6:35 PM        Closing Plenary – Lowenstein Auditorium


Religiously Motivated Disobedience of Military Orders in a Democratic Society: Israeli Voices

            Rabbi Dr. Naftali Rothenberg

            Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Riskin


6:40 – 6:50 PM        Maariv