Israel's multiple fronts and how Diaspora Jews can help

By Sagi Melamed


For a long time I have been arguing that Israel's existence should not be taken for granted. As a 3rd generation Israeli, I feel that it is my generation's responsibility that there will be also a 8th and 18th.


The overall objective of Hezbollah and Hamas is not to free occupied land, nor is it to release prisoners.  Their aim is to eliminate the Jewish state.  While the confrontation with Hamas and Hezbollah is intensifying, others such as Iran could join the circle of fighting. An old jungle rule says that when the lion shows signs of weakness, the jackals are turning brave… The threat to Israel is existential and should be treated as such. 


I believe that Israel is currently facing a multiple challenge, and is fighting simultaneously in three different fronts:


The First is the military front.  The IDF, led by the Israeli air force, is fighting to destroy the military infrastructure of Hezbollah and to harm Lebanese vital interests as means to put pressure on Hezbollah from within Lebanon.


The Second is the international relations front, or what is known as Hasbara.  Israel needs the support of the international community, in order to be able to continue its military operation for the amount of time needed in order to accomplish its objectives, and not less important, to gain international support for the negotiation that will eventually accompany and replace the military battle.


The Third is the homeland cohesiveness front.  Never since 1948 was the Israeli homeland front hit so hard and for so long, as in this time.  The inner strength and endurance of the Israeli public, will not only allow the Israeli government and military forces to continue its mission with a strong civilian backup, but maybe even more important, demonstrate to our enemies, that we are here to stay, and that the Jews in their homeland will not give up to terror and violence.


So how could our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora help us Israelis, in our three fronts challenge?


I believe that although very important in the hasbara arena, Diaspora contribution should focus on the third front, the homeland cohesiveness front.  Please consider the following potential actions of support:


1.     Call, write and email your friends and relatives in Israel.  Express your concerns, share your prayers and wishes, ask for their feelings and dilemmas.

2.     Send immediate solidarity leadership missions to visit Israel.  In the immediate term, only selected leadership delegations could come, in order to express support, pay shiva'a calls and visit the injured, shake people's hands and hug them, study the burning issues and the challenges faced by the Israeli society, and then tell the story to their own communities back home.

3.     Come visit, stay and tour Israel after the end of the fighting. Consider changing your vacation plans, extending your stay in Israel and spending most of it in the Galilee, thus helping revive the severely-hurt tourism industry in the Galilee.

4.     Buy Israeli-made products, invest in Israeli companies, and buy shares of Israeli companies.

5.     Raise financial support for people and institutions which were hurt by the crisis situation in the North.  

6.     Focus and intensify your prayers for the wellbeing of Israel and Israelis.


Since the birth of our religion, Jews were always faced with crisis situations.  What made us prevail were faith, unity and internal cohesiveness.   May G-d give us the wisdom and the strength to overcome this crisis and emerge even stronger from it.


Sagi Melamed


Sagi Melamed is the Director of External Relations at
Tel Hai College in the Upper Galilee.  He lives with his wife and four children in Hoshaya in the Galilee.