Asian Disaster

The terrible tragedy unfolding in Asia in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami has roused the conscience of the world. As Torah-believing Jews we grieve at the deaths of so many victims, each and every one of whom is a Tzelem Elokim, an Image of God. The death toll is still rising with over 140,000 people reported to have lost their lives in what is believed to have been the world's most powerful earthquake in 40 years. Millions are homeless and will require long-term assistance to rebuild their lives. The earthquake created a huge tidal wave that struck coastal areas of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, India and Burma. Deaths also were reported in Malaysia, Maldives, Bangladesh and Somalia.

Contributions for South Asia Tsunami Relief can be made via the following organizations:

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

American Jewish World Service

Magen David Adom Tsunami Relief

Chabad of Thailand

Israel Tsunami Appeal

Operation Noah's Ark - Helping Tsunami Victims

Mazon - a Jewish Response to Hunger

Orthodox Union

The Mishna in Sanhedrin teaches that "Kol haMekayem Nefesh Achat, Maaleh Alav haKatuv k'Ilu Kiyem Olam Male" - One who saves a single life, Scripture considers him as if he had saved an entire world. Edah urges all of our supporters to contribute generously to one of the above relief funds.

A Message Board for information about Israelis who may have been involved in the disaster can be found here

A prayer for Tsunami victims composed by Rabbi Shai Held can be found here

A prayer composed by Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks of the UK can be found here

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