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Leah Shakdiel Yerucham, Israel
Lecturer, Shecter Institute, Jerusalem

Leah Shakdiel, a well-known social and political activist on behalf of peace, civil and human rights, and feminism, is a lecturer in Jewish Feminism at the Shechter Institute in Jerusalem. She has a BA from Bar Ilan University in English and French Literatures with an extensive background in Jewish studies. In 1988, following a successful struggle that ended with a landmark Supreme Court decision she became Israel’s first female member of a local Religious Council. As a School for Educational Leadership Fellow (1994-1996), Ms. Shakdiel developed a model for feminist pedagogy for Israel. She currently works in teacher training in Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva.
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  • Feminism, Jewish Feminism, Feminist Pedagogy
  • Peace and Jewish-Arab Coexistence as a Jewish Issue
  • Social Change and Multiculturalism in Israel Today
  • Civil and Human Rights, Democracy, as a Jewish Issue
  • General Topics in Judaica
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