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Rabbi Dr. Elie Holzer New York, New York
Education Associate, Mandel Foundation

Rabbi Dr. Elie Holzer is an Education Associate at the Mandel Foundation where he works in Jewish Educational Leadership Training. An alumnus of the Jerusalem Fellows program, Rabbi Dr. Holzer received his rabbinic ordination in Israel. He holds a BA in Education from the Herzog Institute, a BA from Bar Ilan University in psychology and philosophy, and an MA and PhD in Jewish philosophy from the Hebrew University. Rabbi Dr. Holzer teaches Jewish Philosophy at Stern College and serves on the faculty of Drisha and HaShaar, a program of Professional Development for future day school educators.
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  • Religious Reactions to Modernity
  • Challenges for Modern Orthodox Education
  • Religion and State in Jewish Philosophy
  • Religious Reactions to Zionism
  • The Secular Zionist in Jewish Religious Thought
  • Use of Military Force in Religious Zionist Ideologies
  • Modernity and the Interpretation of Religious Texts
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