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Two Public Letters of Rav Abraham Ha-Kohen Kook & The Responsum of Rav BenZion Uziel On WomenÂ’s Suffrage , Abraham Ha-Kohen Kook & BenZion Meir Uziel
Description: Translations of the halakhic opinions of Rav Abraham Ha-Kohen Kook and Rav BenZion Uziel on the questions of the permissibility women's suffrage, and more generally, women's participation in public life. The documents were written in 1919 and 1920, when the authors held the offices of Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi of Jerusalem and Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Jaffa respectively, and the question of women's suffrage was first debated in the Western world and Palestine. Rav Kook argued that women's suffrafe as well as participation in public life were strictly forbidden by Jewish law and ethics, while Rav Uziel maintained that both were absolute rights accorded women by the Torah and the logic of democratic principles.
Source: The Edah Journal Volume 1:2
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