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Equality Lost: Essays in Torah Commentary, Halacha, and Jewish Thought , Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin
Description: At last, a posek (a recognized expert in Jewish law) and author of three volumes of Responsa, has written a book illustrating the depth and sensitivity of Jewish law and thought in addressing crucial issues of our time. Rabbi Yehuda Henkin fearlessly confronts modern as well as timeless questions. His original interpretations and views are solidly based upon traditional sources and the oral transmission of the enlightened spirit of Judaism. In Equality Lost, Rabbi Henkin teaches how to extract the straight-forward explanation (peshat) in the Torah and demonstrates how to interpret Halacha in regard to women in the age of feminism, the conversion to Judaism of children in non-observant homes, and the killing of captured terrorists. Readers will immediate recognize the direct, sensible, and authentically Jewish evaluations of current phenomena such as the glatt kosher craze. In addition, the author provides fresh and unsettling insights into the reasons for the destruction of the Second Temple, the lessons to be learned therefrom, and the ramifications of these lessons for the modern State of Israel.
Source: Lamboda Publisher Inc, 1999
'Women’s Zimmun and Whether Men [Who Are Present] Must Leave' , Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin
Description: A responsum of Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin, translated from the Hebrew by Gitelle Rapoport, with the permission of Rav Henkin.
Source: She'Elot UTeshuvot Bnei Banim, Volume 3, Number 1
Qeri’at ha-Torah by Women: Where We Stand Today , Rabbi Yehuda Herzl Henkin
Description: This essay is a response to and analysis of the arguments presented in the previous article, "Qeri'at ha-Torah by Women: A Halakhic Analysis" by Mendel Shapiro. The author articulates pratical and theoretical conclusions on the questions of woman's aliyyot and Torah readings.
Source: The Edah Journal Volume 1:2
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