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Category:Women in Halachah
Title:Daughters of the King: Women and the Synagogue: A Survey of History, Halakhah, and Contemporary Realities
Author: Susan Grossman
Publisher or Source:Jewish Publication Society, 1993
Synopsis: Daughters of the King explains women's involvement in and around the synagogue from its antecedents in the biblical period to contemporary times. The role of women in the synagogue is the most timely but potentially divisive issue within all branches of Judaism. The Orthodox community is deeply concerned about the innovation of women's prayer groups. The Conservative movement is facing its greatest challenge from within as a result of its decision to ordain women. The Reform and Reconstructionist movements are struggling with the inclusion of a feminine element in traditional male-oriented liturgy and non-male references to God. Susan Grossman and Rivka Haut have added their experiences and studies to those of other scholars and religious thinkers to demonstrate the historical diversity of women's roles in Judaism, to record first-person accounts of the innovative practices now being introduced for and by women throughout the Jewish community, and to ponder these new realities in order to glimpse the religious life of Jewish women in the future. The contributors, many on the cutting edge of these changes, are drawn from the entire spectrum of Jewish affairs and denominational affiliation; they represent an interdisciplinary approach to the issues, drawing from history, anthropology, sociology, medieval studies, women's studies, Jewish law, the Bible, the Talmud, and rabbinic thought. This book will be of interest to lay readers and scholars alike, to Jews and Christians, feminists, synagogue leaders, and clergy. The book can be used as a study guide; it will encourage women to achieve a greater and more active participation in all aspects of synagogue life. It also provides primary source material for anyone interested in women and religion, women and faith, and the ways in which women have functioned politically in religious communities throughout history.
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