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Category:Contemporary Jewish and Halakhic Issues
Title:Jewish Law and the New Reproductive Technologies
Author: Emanuel Feldman
Publisher or Source:Ktav Publishing House, 1997
Synopsis: It is man, woman, and God who join together to create a new human child, says the Talmud. Now, with the advent of the New Reproductive Technologies, the doctor-scientist has joined the team, so to speak. Suddenly, humans are not only controlling nature, but creating it as well. All this presents challenges on religious as well as practical levels. Halakha - Jewish Law and Ethics - has much to say about this. For the past quarter century, discussions on the topic have appeared in Tradition, the Journal of Jewish Thought published by the Rabbinical Council of America. Collected here, they offer the general reader an insight into how classic Jewish Law continues to offer insights into the most contemporary of problems.
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